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We are 10!

A message from our founder Claire Harrison

10 years ago I left my position as Operations Director of well-known swim school and where I had worked for over 15 years to start my own swim school, Swimming Rocks (named by one of my first students).

I wanted to provide a service that was known for it’s dedication to teaching quality as well as for it’s customer satisfaction and I wanted to be known as the best swim school in London.

Over the past 10 years, we have taught over 500,000 lessons, rolled out a successful franchise programme and this month, we are launching our fantastic Training Academy offering vocational courses alongside accredited CPD seminars and programmes.

It’s not been easy. The loss of over 141 swimming pools in the UK (including our flagship site in 2016) has meant that smaller independent swim schools like my own have had to battle to get access to the remaining swimming pools and the huge rents and charges have massively impacted our ability to grow.

But this has also driven me to address this problem head on. And, as a Mummy to my own 2 little children ( age 4 and 6) , I have seen that this problem is not just limited to swim schools. 88% of children’s activity providers have also reported a problem finding suitable space to hire, whilst 72% have also stated, like us, they are oversubscribed!

This year, alongside a team of hugely experienced leisure professionals, I will launch a series of family clubs that will provide swimming lessons, clubs and classes, family fitness, teen programmes, events and parties as well as co-work spaces for working parents. They will not be member’s clubs, rather spaces for all to enjoy. Highly designed clubs that will be a destination for all the family activities you could imagine.

I can’t wait to share these spaces with you. Sign up to my newsletter for VIP launch info: www.get-set-go.co.uk

So lastly, whilst this is going to be an exciting time for the business and our new company, we have only grown because of you and because of your loyalty.

Thank you for the last 10 years and here is to the next 10!

Best Regards

Claire Harrison

Founder and MD

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